Project Description

PSAAP II is a five-year program established in 2014 by the Advanced Simulation and
Computing (ASC) program of the National Nuclear Security Administration to demonstrate
predictive science in an extreme-scale computing environment. Five centers at U. Florida,
U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Stanford, U. Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and U. Utah will
focus on a diverse set of complex applications of importance to DOE. This project will
access ALCF and OLCF computing resources to demonstrate that the technologies and
methodologies developed by these centers will effectively scale to extreme scale
computing, simulating target applications with full physics and required resolution. The
centers expect to gain insight into issues critical to the advancement to exascale computing,
exposing areas where additional software research and development is needed on the path
to exascale.

Allocation History

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