Project Description

The intergalactic medium (IGM) is the rarefied gas that fills the vast volumes between the galaxies in the universe. Physical effects, ranging from the nature of dark matter to the radiation from star-forming galaxies and quasars, set the observable properties of the IGM, making the IGM a powerful probe of both fundamental physics and astrophysics. To extract scientific insights, confronting observations of the IGM with numerical simulations is a necessity.
Lukic’s team will perform a comprehensive set of simulations that will simultaneously constrain the properties of dark matter and characterize the epoch of reionization. The three large simulations the team proposes will be state-of-the-art and a dramatic improvement over current simulation suites both in size and physical accuracy. The team expects these simulations to be analyzed for years and inform many cosmological and astrophysical applications, such as different statistics of the Lyman-alpha and Lyman-beta forest, 21-cm modeling, and constraints on the nature of dark matter.

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