Project Description

Zingale’s research team will model astrophysical thermonuclear explosions, including Type Ia supernovae and x-ray bursts, using its open-source MaestroeX and Castro codes. Simulating these can provide insight into stellar phenomena observed in the night sky and the formation of elements throughout the history of the Universe.
MaestroeX and Castro are designed to model both the early subsonic, convection-dominated phase that precedes stellar explosions, as well as the explosive dynamics and complex interplay of hydrodynamics, gravity, and the reactions that accompany these events.
In the team’s previous allocation, significant progress was made in code development, with all of the physics for the Castro x-ray burst and white dwarf mergers (including self-gravity) on the GPUs and a substantial portion of MaestroeX’s hydrodynamics also on GPUs.
For Type Ia supernovae, the team is modeling all of the progenitor systems that are popular today. The team’s interest in x-ray bursts also involves understanding the interplay of hydrodynamics and reactions. The team finished a set of 2D calculations that resolve the flame and follow its propagation across the neutron star, and the group is now performing the first-ever 3D simulations resolving the flame structure in x-ray bursts, a problem that will continue to be a highlight in the 2020 INCITE allocation.

Allocation History

Source Hours Start Date End Date
DOE INCITE PROGRAM400,0002024-01-012024-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002024-01-012024-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM300,0002023-03-132023-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002023-01-012023-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM300,0002023-01-012023-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM400,0002023-01-012023-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002022-01-012022-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM590,0002022-01-012022-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002021-01-012021-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM700,0002021-01-012021-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002020-12-082020-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002020-01-012020-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM300,0002020-01-012020-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM105,0002019-01-012019-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM1,500,0002019-01-012019-07-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002019-01-012019-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM45,000,0002019-01-012019-07-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM40,000,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,5002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM45,000,0002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,5002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002016-01-012016-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002016-01-012016-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM55,000,0002016-01-012016-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM50,000,0002014-12-312015-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002014-12-312015-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002014-12-312015-12-31