Project Description

The research team will carry out a comprehensive study of stellar explosions and their precursors using a suite of state-of-the-art application codes. Progenitor models to be explored include Type Ia supernovae, the physics of X-ray bursts, the radiative ablation in black widow pulsars, and core collapse supernovae. Simulating these systems can provide insight into stellar phenomena observed in the night sky and the formation of the universe over billions of years.

The team’s simulation codes, Maestro and Castro, are well tuned to Titan, using a hybrid approach to parallelism, and considerable progress has been made in targeting effective use of GPUs. Fundamental uncertainties to be investigated include the nature of Type Ia supernovae’s progenitor which has never been observed directly, matter’s behavior under the extreme density of a neutron star, the nuclear burning leading up toa low-mass core-collapse supernovae, and the inferred mass of a pulsar in a binary system.

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