Debugging and Profiling with Allinea Forge

Speaker: Dr. Nick Forrington

Whether you are familiar with debugging and profiling techniques or just starting out, analyzing a program running on a large scale system such as Titan comes with an additional set of challenges. These can vary from launching jobs (and tools) via a batch system, to trying to understand the behavior and interactions between many concurrently running processes. This webinar aims to help you get started using the Allinea Forge set of tools (DDT and MAP) to tackle these challenges.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to configure and launch your job with DDT and MAP
  • Using the Allinea Forge remote client to connect to OLCF systems
  • Exploring the features of DDT, and how they can be used to track down bugs in your program
  • How to interpret a MAP file, and patterns to look for that could indicate a performance issue