Conference-Goers Examine Energy Challenges via Petascale Computing

By  •  6 years ago  •  People

More than 100 participants from government, industry, and academia attended the 2011 Computational Sciences and Engineering conference to discuss strategies for optimizing high- performance computing resources used in advanced modeling and simulation of grand challenges in energy.
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Supercomputers Simulate the Molecular Machines that Replicate and Repair DNA

By  •  8 years ago  •  Science

Scientists use Jaguar to model replisome components to understand their role in health and disease.
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ORNL Supercomputers Help Studies of Supernovas, Space

By  •  8 years ago  •  Science

Researchers use Jaguar to simulate ignition in type Ia supernova explosions.

Type Ia supernovas are the largest thermonuclear explosions in nature, expelling mass greater than that of the Sun and …
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Oak Ridge Supercomputers Provide First Simulation of Abrupt Climate Change

By  •  9 years ago  •  Science

At the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the world’s fastest supercomputer for unclassified research is simulating abrupt climate change and shedding light on an enigmatic period of natural global warming in Earth’s relatively recent history.
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