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Communications to Users

See this article in context within the following user guides: Eos | Titan The OLCF provides users with several ways of ...
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CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model that enables dramatic increases in computing performance via GPUs.
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The Hierarchical Data Format version 5 (HDF5) is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data. It supports an unlimited variety of datatypes, and is designed for flexible and efficient I/O and for high volume and complex data.
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Parallel netCDF (PnetCDF) is a library providing high-performance I/O while still maintaining file-format compatibility with Unidata’s NetCDF.
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VisIt is a free interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for viewing scientific data on Unix and PC platforms. Users can quickly generate visualizations from their data, animate them through time, manipulate them, and save the resulting images for presentations.
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Software News

Titan: Default Module Change (February 21, 2017) The following modules became the default on February 21. Package Current Default Future Default atp 2.0.2 2.0.5 cray-ccdb 2.0.1 2.0.3 cray-ga cray-hdf5 1.8.16 cray-hdf5-parallel 1.8.16 cray-lgdb 3.0.2 3.0.5 cray-libsci 16.06.01 16.11.1 cray-mpich 7.4.0 7.5.2 cray-mpich-abi 7.4.0 7.5.2 cray-netcdf 4.4.0 cray-netcdf-hdf5parallel 4.4.0 cray-petsc cray-petsc-64 cray-petsc-complex cray-petsc-complex-64 cray-shemem 7.4.0 7.5.2 cray-tpsl 16.06.1 16.12.1 cray-tpsl-64 16.06.1 16.12.1 cray-trillinos craype 2.5.5 2.5.9 craypkg-gen 1.3.3 1.3.4 fftw iobuf 2.0.6 2.0.8 papi perftools 6.4.0 6.4.5 perftools-base 6.4.0 6.4.5 perftools-lite 6.4.0 6.4.5 pmi 5.0.9-1.0000.10911.175.4.gem 5.0.11 cce 8.5.0 8.5.7 pgi 16.5.0 16.10.0 intel xalt 0.5.3 0.7.5 modules Eos: Default ...
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Authenticating to OLCF Systems

See this article in context within the following user guides: Titan All OLCF systems currently employ two-factor authentication only. To login ...
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The CUDA Toolkit is a C language development environment for CUDA-enabled GPUs.
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The Interactive Data Language (IDL) is a programming language used across scientific disciplines to create meaningful visualizations out of complex numerical data.
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PAPI provides the tool designer and application engineer with a consistent interface and methodology for use of the performance counter hardware found in most major microprocessors.
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