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GNU Automake is a tool for automatically generating "Makefile.in" files from "Makefile.am" files.
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Grace is a “What you see is what you get” 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and Motif.
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nose is nicer testing for python
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TAU Performance System is a portable profiling and tracing toolkit for performance analysis of parallel programs written in Fortran, C, C++, Java, Python.
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Data Transfer with Rhea

See this article in context within the following user guides: Rhea Data Transfer Methods for Rhea Rhea mounts the User Home and ...
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Boost is a compilation of free, peer-reviewed, portable C++ source libraries.
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The Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) is an interactive tools used for easy access, manipulation, and visualization of earth science data.
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NumPy is the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python.
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UDUNITS supports conversion of unit specifications between formatted and binary forms, arithmetic manipulation of units, and conversion of values between compatible scales of measurement.
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Compilers on Commodity Clusters

See this article in context within the following user guides: Lens | Rhea Commodity Clusters at the OLCF can be accessed ...
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