Summit begins a new era

Five years after its debut as the fastest supercomputer in the world, Summit remains a powerful and reliable instrument for scientific discoveries in artificial intelligence, energy, climate, health, and other areas with a direct impact on national security and global welfare. The Department of Energy is extending Summit operations through October 2024, enabling researchers to pursue projects on one of the world’s leading AI-enabled open science supercomputing platforms.

The OLCF will allocate Summit through new programs for calendar year 2024. On this webpage, you will find information and links for SummitPLUS, our open call for project proposals for the 2024 Summit life extension.

What is SummitPLUS?

SummitPLUS is one of the new allocation programs that will be used to allocate a significant portion of the Summit for 2024. The program is open to researchers from academia, government laboratories, federal agencies, and industry. The OLCF welcomes proposals for computationally ready projects from investigators who are new to Summit, as well as from previous INCITE, ALCC, DD, and ECP awardees and projects. We encourage proposals emerging AI/ML and data-intensive science projects.

How do users get an allocation on SummitPLUS?

Individuals or teams interested in SummitPLUS must submit a proposal through the portal from September 18 to October 30. Once on the portal (do not login), go to “New Accounts” then “Project Application.” Choose the SummitPLUS form from the dropdown list.

Summit will continue to be allocated in node hours, and a typical SummitPLUS award will be between 100,000 and 250,000 node hours. The proposals will undergo review and the OLCF will notify awardees in mid-to-late November 2023. Projects are anticipated to start in mid-to-late January 2024.

What will happen to existing projects and data?

Summit will soon be connected to a new file system, as the current Alpine file system has reached its end of life.

Current users will have access to Summit and their data through the end of their allocation period, which varies by project. Users will have until January 1, 2024, to remove their data from Alpine; once the file system is decommissioned, all remaining data will be permanently deleted.


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