trilinos Overview

The Trilinos Project develops algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems.



Trilinos provides abstract, object-oriented interfaces to established libraries such as Metis/ParMetis, SuperLU, Aztec, BLAS, and LAPACK. Note: The Trilinos module is dependent on the petsc, xt-libsci, and xt-asyncpe modules. Make certain these modules are loaded before using Trilinos. Trilinos includes a new version of Cray Adaptive Sparse Kernels (CASK) that perform SpMV, and include optimized versions of single- and multiple-vector sparse matrix vector multiplication and triangular solution kernels. These have been shown to provide improved performance over native Epetra SpMV under most circumstances and especially to improve the performance of operations with very sparse matrices. The Trilinos Project is an ongoing effort to develop and implement robust algorithms and enabling technologies using modern object- oriented software design. Trilinos emphasizes abstract interfaces for maximum component interchangeability and provides a full- featured set of concrete classes that implement all abstract interfaces. Each Trilinos package is a self-contained and independently developed piece of software. To use the Trilinos packages, load your choice of compiling environment, and then load the Trilinos module.
module load trilinos
After you load the Trilinos module, all header and library locations are set automatically and you are ready to compile your code. No Trilinos-specific linking information is required on the command line. For example, to use the Epetra library, use a compiler command line like the following example.
CC myprogram.cpp.o -o myprogram.exe
If linking to more than one Trilinos package, the libraries are linked automatically in the correct order of package dependency. For more information about link order, see For more information please run:
man trilinos
The following information is available by running module help trilinos
      The Cray Trilinos is equivalent to the official patch release
      Of Trilinos 10.6.4 by Sandia National Labratories.

      These bugs were fixed in this update:
        BUG 770282 - Trilinos modulefile should check if petsc modulefile is loaded

    Product and OS Dependencies:
      xt-asyncpe 5.02 or later
      xt-libsci 11.0.00 or later
      TPSL 1.1.01
      PETSc 3.1.09
      CCE 7.3 or later
      Intel 12.0 or later
      GCC 4.5
      PGI and PathScale are not supported
      GCC 4.6 is not supported

    Known Problems:
      PGI compiler is not able to handle template-based libraries such as Tpetra.
      BUG 771570 - request to have shared libraries support in Trilinos

      References and API guide are  available at
      To see descriptions of each individual Trilinos package, go to

    Installation instructions:
      rpm -iv trilinos-

      To make this the default version, execute:

To display trilinos/ release information,
type:    less /opt/cray/trilinos/