tau Overview

TAU Performance System is a portable profiling and tracing toolkit for performance analysis of parallel programs written in Fortran, C, C++, Java, Python.



TAU is capable of gathering performance information through instrumentation of functions, methods, basic blocks, and statements. TAU's profile visualization tool, paraprof, provides graphical displays of all the performance analysis results, in aggregate and single node/context/thread forms.

Using TAU

module load tau
This command sets TAUROOT environment variable on NCCS platforms and puts the TAU compiler wrappers in your PATH. Automatic instrumentation when compiling with the C TAU wrapper:
>  export TAU_MAKEFILE=${TAU_LIB}/Makefile.tau-papi-mpi-pdt-openmp-opari-pgi
>  export TAU_MAKEFILE=${TAU_LIB}/Makefile.tau-papi-mpi-pthread-pdt-pgi
>  tau_f90.sh test.f
Debug: Parsing with PDT Parser
> /sw/xt/tau/2.17/cnl2.0+pgi7.0.7/pdtoolkit-3.12//craycnl/bin/f95parse mpi_example8.f
-I/sw/xt/tau/2.17/cnl2.0+pgi7.0.7/tau-2.17/include -I/opt/xt-mpt/default/mpich2-64/P/include
Debug: Instrumenting with TAU
> /sw/xt/tau/2.17/cnl2.0+pgi7.0.7/tau-2.17/craycnl/bin/tau_instrumentor mpi_example8.pdb mpi_example8.f -o
Debug: Compiling (Individually) with Instrumented Code
> ftn -I. -c mpi_example8.inst.f -I/sw/xt/tau/2.17/cnl2.0+pgi7.0.7/tau-2.17/include
-I/opt/xt-mpt/default/mpich2-64/P/include -o mpi_example8.o
/opt/xt-pe/2.0.33/bin/snos64/ftn: INFO: linux target is being used
Debug: Linking (Together) object files
> ftn mpi_example8.o -L/opt/xt-mpt/default/mpich2-64/P/lib -L/sw/xt/tau/2.17/cnl2.0+pgi7.0.7/tau-2.17/craycnl/lib
-lTauMpi-mpi-pdt -lrt -lmpichcxx -lmpich -lrt -L/sw/xt/tau/2.17/cnl2.0+pgi7.0.7/tau-2.17/craycnl/lib -ltau-mpi-pdt
-L/opt/pgi/7.0.7/linux86-64/7.0/bin/../lib -lstd -lC -lpgc -o a.out
/opt/xt-pe/2.0.33/bin/snos64/ftn: INFO: linux target is being used
Debug: cleaning inst file
> /bin/rm -f mpi_example8.inst.f
Debug: cleaning PDB file
> /bin/rm -f mpi_example8.pdb
> aprun -n 4 ./a.out
> ls prof*
profile.0.0.0  profile.1.0.0  profile.2.0.0  profile.3.0.0
If you want to visualize the profile, then do this:
> module load java-jre
> module load tau   #if not loaded
> paraprof


  • tau@2.25%gcc@5.3.0+comm~download+mpi+openmp+phase~scorep
  • tau@2.25%gcc@5.3.0+comm~download+mpi+openmp+phase~scorep