stat Overview

The following information is available by running module help stat

   Release Date:  December 15, 2011

     Update to STAT version 1.2.1, which contains:

     - Added MRNet Fault Tolerance

     - Added additional GUI search options Bug fixes

   Product and OS Dependencies:
     The STAT release is supported on Cray XE systems
     running the CLE 3.1UP01 CNL or later operating systems.

     STAT is supported on host CPU but not on the accelerator
     of on Cray XK systems.



     For CLE 3.1
      rpm -ivh stat-

     For CLE 4.0
      rpm -ivh stat-

     To make this the default version, execute:

Certain components, files or programs contained within this package or
product are Copyright 2009-2011 Cray Inc. All rights reserved.

To re-display stat/ release information,
type:    less /opt/cray/stat/