petsc Overview

PETSc – the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation – is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations. It employs the MPI standard for all message-passing communication. PETSc includes an expanding suite of parallel linear, nonlinear equation solvers and time integrators that may be used in application codes written in Fortran, C, and C++. PETSc provides many of the mechanisms needed within parallel application codes, such as parallel matrix and vector assembly routines. The library is organized hierarchically, enabling users to employ the level of abstraction that is most appropriate for a particular problem. By using techniques of object-oriented programming, PETSc provides enormous flexibility for users. (above text taken from PETSC website and the PETSc manual online.)


Optimized PETSc libraries are the default. To access them, use
module load petsc
module load petsc-complex
Note that the complex build is not configured with Hypre, but the real build is. The following information is available by running module help petsc
This petsc modulefile defines the system paths and
environment variables needed to use the
PETSc libraries for real numbers in the Cray
Programming Environment.

PETSc 3.1.09
      The Cray PETSc 3.1.09 is equivalent to the official
      patch release of PETSc-3.1-p8 by Argonne National Laboratory.

    Product and OS Dependencies:
      xt-asyncpe 5.02 or later
      xt-libsci 11.0.00 or later
      MPT 5.0.2 or later for gcc 4.5 support
      TPSL 1.1.01
      Intel 12.0 or later
      PETSc 3.1.09 is not supported with the PathScale compiler.

    Known Problems:


      rpm -ivh petsc-3.1.09-1.x86_64.rpm

      To make this the default version, execute:

To display petsc/3.1.09 release information,
type:    less /opt/petsc/3.1.09/release_info


  • petsc@3.6.3%gcc@4.8.5~int64+mpi+mumps ^netlib-scalapack
  • petsc@3.7.2%xl@20171023-beta~int64+mpi+mumps ^netlib-scalapack
  • petsc@3.6.4%pgi@17.9~int64~metis+mpi~mumps~superlu-dist
  • petsc@3.7.2%gcc@4.8.5~int64+mpi+mumps ^netlib-scalapack
  • petsc@3.6.4%xl@20171023-beta~int64+mpi+mumps ^netlib-scalapack
  • petsc@3.6.4%gcc@4.8.5~int64+mpi+mumps ^netlib-scalapack
  • petsc@3.6.3%xl@20171023-beta~int64+mpi+mumps ^netlib-scalapack


  • petsc@1.2.3+complex+debug