parallel-io Overview

The Parallel I/O (PIO) library has been developed over several years to improve the ability of component models of the Community Earth System Model (CESM) to perform I/O. The focus of development has been on backend tools that use the NetCDF file format. PIO currently supports NetCDF and PnetCDF as backend libraries, both can be linked and used with runtime options controlling which is used for a given file. PIO2 represents a significant rewrite of the PIO library and includes a C API as well as the original F90 API. A new decomposition strategy has been introduced which gives the user more ability to tune io communications.



  • parallel-io@2.3.0%pgi@17.9
  • parallel-io@2.3.0%xl@20171023-beta
  • parallel-io@2.3.0%gcc@4.8.5