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The NUMA Toolkit (NTK) is being developed at Cray, with input from customers, to define a standard for applications to query runtime node/nid information. The NTK enables developers to make optimal node-based runtime decisions based on the available hardware. The NTK also provides a set of MPI-based functions and communicators to simplify accessing and using this node-based topology information within an MPI application. For more information, load the ntk module and view the man page.
module load ntk
man intro_numatoolkit
The following information is available by running module help ntk
libonesided / NUMA Toolkit 1.5.0

  Libonesided/NTK 1.5.0 contains performance optimizations and extensions
  for third party libraries such as Global Arrays and Charm++.

  NTK was using a 32-bit integer for the bit mask for setting affinities.
  This fails when there are 32 cores per node (Interlagos) and caused the
  program to crash. This release resolves that problem.

  New functionality was added that can be used by ARMCI/DDI for performance

  Bugs Closed with this release:
  * Bug 779433 - libonesided: error getting nic handles; err=-1

Operating System Dependencies:
  The libonesided and NUMA Toolkit release is supported on Cray XE
  systems running the CLE 3.1 or later operating systems.

  See the man pages: man libonesided or man numatoolkit

Installation Instructions:
  rpm -ivh libonesided-ntk-1.5.0-5.gem.x86_64.rpm

  Certain components, files or programs contained within this package or
  product are Copyright 2010-2011 Cray Inc. All rights reserved.

To re-display ntk/1.5.0 release information,
type:    less /opt/cray/ntk/1.5.0/release_info


  • 1.5.0