netcdf Overview

Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) is an interface for array-oriented data access and a library that provides an implementation of the interface. The following information is available by running module help netcdf:

  New version of hdf5 1.8.7 and netcdf 4.1.3

Product and OS Dependencies:
  hdf5_netcdf 2.1 requires SLES 11 systems and was tested on Cray XE and
  Cray XK systems running CLE 3.1UP00 CNL. This update may work on Cray XT
  systems running CLE 3.1 or later, however, this has not been tested.

  hdf5_netcdf 2.1 requires the following products:
    xt-asyncpe 5.05 or later
    One or more compilers:
	CCE 7.3 or later
        GCC 4.5
        GCC 4.6
        Intel 12.0 or later
        PGI 10.9 or later



Product description:
  HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data. It supports an unlimited variety of datatypes, and is designed for flexible and efficient I/O and for high volume and complex data. HDF5 is portable and is extensible, allowing applications to evolve in their use of HDF5. The HDF5 Technology suite includes tools and applications for managing, manipulating, viewing, and analyzing data in the HDF5 format.

  NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is a set of interfaces for array-oriented data access and a freely-distributed collection of data access libraries for C, Fortran, C++, Java, and other languages. The netCDF libraries support a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interfaces, libraries, and format support the creation, access, and sharing of scientific data.

  rpm -ivh hdf5_netcdf-2.1-3.x86_64.rpm

    To make this the default version, execute:

Certain components, files or programs contained within this package or product are Copyright 2011 Cray Inc. All rights reserved.

To re-display netcdf/4.1.3 release information,
type:    less /opt/cray/netcdf/4.1.3/release_info



netcdf is available as a module. There is only a serial versions of netcdf in the netcdf modules. Parallel versions are available under the p-netcdf modules. Once a netcdf module has been loaded the following examples can be used to compile and link your program (example.f90) to the netcdf libraries. FORTRAN
pgf90/pathf90/gfortran/ftn example.f90 ${NETCDF_FLIB}
The environment variables given above are set in the module file - they are locally defined. C
pgcc/pathcc/gcc/cc -o example.x example.c ${NETCDF_CLIB}
Note the difference between NETCDF_FLIB and NETCDF_CLIB for Fortran and C, respectively.


  • netcdf@4.4.1%gcc@4.8.5
  • netcdf@4.4.1%xl@20171023-beta
  • netcdf@4.4.1%pgi@17.9


  • netcdf@4.4.1%gcc@4.4.7
  • netcdf@4.4.1%gcc@4.4.7