cray-libsci_acc Overview

The following information is available by running module help libsci_acc
LibSci_ACC 3.3.0
 Release Date:
 September 24, 2015

 Cray LibSci_ACC 3.3.0 provides accelerated versions of scientific libraries
 for Cray CS, XK, and XC series systems.

 The Cray LibSci_ACC 3.3.0 release provides the following:
 - Support for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 7.0 on XK, XC, and CS systems
 - Support for GCC 4.9 on XK and XC systems

 Product and OS Dependencies:
 The Cray LibSci_ACC 3.3.0 release is supported on the following Cray systems:
 * Cray CS systems with GPU support on CentOS (with CUDA 7) and MVAPICH2 2.0.1
 * Cray XC systems with GPU support on CLE 5.2 UP04 (with CUDA 7)

 The Cray LibSci_ACC 3.3.0 release requires the following software products:

 For Cray XK and XC systems:
 CUDA Toolkit 7.0
 LibSci 13.0.0 or later
 MPT 7.2.5 or later
 CrayPE 2.1.2 or later
 CCE 8.3.0 and later or GCC 4.9

 NOTE: GCC 5.1 and later not supported

 For Cray CS systems:
 CUDA Toolkit 7.0
 LibSci 13.0.3 or later
 MVAPICH2 2.0.1
 CrayPE for CS
 CCE 8.3.0 and later

 Notes and Limitations:
 CUDA Toolkit 7.0 from NVIDIA does not support GCC 5.x.x and therefore
 LibSci_ACC 3.3.0 for XC XK does not support building with GCC 5.x.x.

 Cray LibSci_ACC 3.3.0 supports NVIDIA Tesla K20, K40, K80 series
 accelerators in serial or multiple gpu configurations.

 LAPACK workspace calculations from other implementations or hard-coded
 values may not be compatible with libsci_acc. Workspaces reported from
 a query to the corresponding libsci_acc function should be used.

 Applications running PBLAS routines on the accelerator should set the
 environment variable MPICH_NO_GPU_DIRECT=1 to ensure correctness.

 Performance improvements can be achieved in programs calling libsci_acc
 subroutines by using pinned memory. See the intro_libsci_acc man page for

 Use of the aprun option "-cc none" to disable core affinity is strongly
 suggested to improve performance.

 This version and previous versions of LibSci_ACC are not thread-safe.

 See the intro_libsci_acc man page for additional information.

 module load cray-libsci_acc

 Sample Installation instructions:
 On CLE 5.2:
 rpm -ivh --prefix=/opt/cray cray-libsci-acc-*-3.3.0-2.201509141624.c2ce335f3498b.x86_64.rpm

 On CLE 6.0:
 rpm -ivh cray-libsci-acc-*-3.3.0-2.201509141624.c2ce335f3498b.x86_64.rpm

 The "*" in the install command represents compiler version combinations.

 To make this the default version,

 On CLE 5.2 execute

 On CLE 6.0 execute

 Except for the third party modules and software licensed by Cray
 through proprietary agreements, components, files or programs
 contained within this package or product are Copyright 2001-2015
 Cray Inc. All rights reserved.

 Attribution notices for open source licensed software contained in
 this package are detailed in the file:

To display cray-libsci_acc/3.3.0 release information,
type: less /opt/cray/libsci_acc/3.3.0/release_info

To display cray-libsci_acc/3.3.0 release information,
type: less /opt/cray/libsci_acc/3.3.0/release_info


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