grace Overview

Grace is a “What you see is what you get” 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and Motif. Grace runs on practically any version of Unix-like OS. It has been successfully ported to VMS, OS/2, and Windows as well. Graphs can be produced in JPG, EPS, PNG, and several other formats.


X11 forwarding needs to be enabled on your ssh session in order to be able to use xmgrace. To do this, ensure that the -Y flag is used when starting the ssh session
$ ssh -Y
The grace module needs to be loaded into your environment by running:
$ module load grace

Running Grace

$ xmgrace
will launch the X11/Motif frontend. Example data files are located in the doc folder of the Grace installation. Graphing a data file is done by passing the path to the file as an argument to xmgrace:
$ xmgrace doc/10.1.dat
gracebat can also be used to perform rendering in batch mode. See complete documentation in the official Grace User Guide.


  • 5.1.22


  • 5.1.21