gdb Overview

The GNU Project Debugger (GDB) lets you debug programs written in Ada, C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal (and many other languages). The following information is available by running module help gdb:
This modulefile defines the system paths and environment variables
needed to use gdb on Cray XT and XE service nodes.

gdb 7.2

Release Date: January 20, 2011

The following bugs are fixed in the gdb 7.2 release.
  752604  Cannot display local vars within subroutine within module with debugger

Product and OS Dependencies:
gdb 7.2 is supported on Cray XT systems running CLE 2.1 or later
operating systems and on Cray XE systems running CLE 3.1 or later
operating systems.


env CRAY_INSTALL_DEFAULT=1 rpm -ihv --oldpackage cray-gdb-7.2-21.x86_64.rpm

To re-display gdb/7.2 release information,
type:    less /opt/cray/gdb/7.2/release_info



gdb is available through the gdb/7.2 module. To load the module into your environment run
$ module load gdb
To use gdb to debug your application,
$ gdb ./path_to_executable
See the gdb man page for more information about debugging with gdb.


  • gdb@8.0%gcc@4.8.5