ensight Overview

EnSight is a software program for visualizing, analyzing, and communicating data from computer simulations, and is most commonly used in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) fields. EnSight Gold/HPC takes full advantage of parallel processing and rendering, provides support for an array of VR devices, and enables real-time collaboration. The NCCS also has a license for Ensight DR which provides cluster-based rendering via parallel compositing to single displays, or uses Chromium to drive multi-panel displays such as EVEREST. A single seat license of Ensight Gold/HPC is available to NCCS users.


At its simplest, Ensight may be run from the login node on Lens.
$ module load ensight 
$ ensight100
This runs both the client and server processes on the login node. While this is not recommended, scripting issues need resolution before a more elegant (and efficient) solution is available. Ensight-screenshot If X11 forwarding is enabled, you will get a window that looks similar to this. You can choose from one of the examples, or open your own from a file.


  • 10.0.2d
  • 10.1.6d