Join fellow OLCF users and staff at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver, Colorado, as we follow the latest developments in high-performance computing through SC13’s diverse programs.

Join fellow OLCF users and staff at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver, Colorado, as we follow the latest developments in high-performance computing through SC13’s diverse programs.

Event Details

The OLCF and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are once again taking a leadership role in SC13, the 25th meeting of the annual Supercomputing Conference.

Taking place from November 17–22 in Denver, SC13 will bring the world’s leading supercomputing centers together with high-performance computing users, developers, and sponsors from academia, industry, and government laboratories around the world.

SC13 allows participants to share knowledge and plans through a wide variety of venues and events, including tutorials, workshops, panel discussions, invited talks, research poster sessions, technical paper presentations, and birds-of-a-feather sessions.

Besides their individual research interests, ORNL staff have helped pave the way for this exciting event through participation in a variety of organizing committees. They will also be immersed in the conference itself.

For example, birds-of-a-feather sessions, also known as BOFs, allow participants to gather and discuss topics of common interest. ORNL is providing several session moderators, including Director of Science Jack Wells in the session “High-Performance Communications for High-Performance Computing,” user assistance specialist Fernanda Foertter in the session “Women in HPC Around the World,” and INCITE manager Julia White in the session “INCITE and Leadership-Class Systems.”

ORNL staff will also be busy in workshops and tutorials, both as moderators and presenters, and will present their research findings in papers and posters.

The OLCF will also be participating on the exhibit floor, staffing Exhibition Booth #1327 booth with other Department of Energy research laboratories. Please visit us there if you have the opportunity.

Other ways OLCF is contributing.

Broader Engagement Committee Member
Fernanda Foertter, Oak Ridge National Lab
Student Cluster Competition Chair
Dustin Leverman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Posters Committee Member(s)
Hasan Abbasi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Christian Engelmann, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Phil Roth, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Student Cluster Competition Committee Member
Jason Kincl, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Technical Papers - Applications Committee Member
Wayne Joubert, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Technical Papers - Storage, Visualization & Analytics Committee Member
Scott Klasky, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Signage Chair
Douglas Fuller, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SCinet Logistics Chair
James H. Rogers, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Workshops Committee Member
Oscar Hernandez, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


OLCF Wins Big at Conference

The OLCF and industrial users Ford Motor Company and GE Global Research received 5 awards at SC13, the 25th meeting of the annual leading Supercomputing Conference.

Four OLCF Partners Win Major HPC Award

Four OLCF partners were named winners of IDC’s HPC Innovation Excellence Award for research done on the center’s supercomputing systems.

Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility receives three HPCwire awards

The OLCF earned three HPCwire awards in HPC for collaborative industrial research projects conducted at ORNL.

INCITE grants awarded to 59 computational research projects

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science announced 59 projects for 2014, sharing nearly 6 billion core hours on two of America’s fastest supercomputers dedicated to open science.

Superconductor Simulation Tops 15 Petaflops on Titan

Researchers simulating high-temperature superconductors has topped 15 petaflops on ORNL’s Titan supercomputer. More importantly, they did it with an algorithm that substantially overcomes two major roadblocks to realistic superconductor modeling.

Simulations of Plasma Turbulence Model the Inner Workings of Cosmic Phenomenon

Scientists from Germany’s HZDR–Dresden used Titan, the most powerful supercomputer in the United States located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to simulate billions of particles in two passing plasma jet streams.


Sunday, November 17
9:00 AM TO
5:30 PM
4th SC Workshop on Petascale (Big) Data Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities
Room: 501
9:00 AM TO
5:30 P
Building Energy Efficient High Performance Computing: 4th Annual EE HPC WG Workshop
Room: 603
9:00 AM TO
5:30 P
The 3rd International Workshop on Network-Aware Data Management
Room: 601
1:30 PM TO
5:00 P
Scaling I/O Beyond 100,000 Cores using ADIOS
Room: 407
Monday, November 18
9:00 AM TO
5:30 PM
Extreme-Scale Programming Tools
Room: 501
9:00 AM TO
12:00 PM
Building Energy Efficient High Performance Computing: 4th Annual EE HPC WG Workshop
Room: 603
9:00 AM TO
5:30 P
4th Workshop on Latest Advances in Scalable Algorithms for Large-Scale Systems (ScalA)
Room: 507
Tuesday, November 19
5:15 PM TO
7:00 PM
Hybrid MPI/OpenMP/GPU Parallelization of XGC1 Fusion Simulation Code
Room: Mile High Pre-Function
Wednesday, November 20
11:00 AM TO
11:30 AM
Radiative Signatures of the Relativistic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
Room: 201/203
11:00 AM TO
11:30 AM
Using Cross-Layer Adaptations for Dynamic Data Management in Large Scale Coupled Scientific Workflows
Room: 205/207
12:15 PM TO
1:15 PM
High-Performance Communications for High-Performance Computing
Room: 404
12:15 PM TO
1:15 PM
INCITE and Leadership-Class Systems
Room: 703
2:00 PM TO
2:30 PM
Exploring Power Behaviors and Trade-offs of In-situ Data Analytics
Room: 205/207
2:30 PM TO
3:00 PM
GoldRush: Resource Efficient In Situ Scientific Data Analytics Using Fine-Grained Interference Aware Execution
Room: 205/207
3:30 PM TO
5:00 PM
Fault Tolerance/resilience at Petascale/Exascale: Is it really critical? Are solutions necessarily disruptive?
Room: 301/302/303
5:30 PM TO
7:00 PM
Women in HPC Around the World
Room: 507
Friday, November 22
8:30 PM TO
10:00 AM
Programming And Managing Systems At Scale
Room: 401/402/403

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18 Nov'13

Day Two Highlights

Flops are free, flying snakes and Grand Galas! The joys of Supercomputing.

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18 Nov'13

10 Years of Impossible Science!

Unlike, Sci-Fi’s unobtanium and dilithium crystals, this “impossible” science is made possible by two LCFs at Argonne and Oak Ridge, and of course the scientists willing to reach beyond what is possible. At nearly 6 Billion hours awarded, this year’s INCITE allocation promises to bring a whole lot of happy computing!

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17 Nov'13

Day One Highlights

At the Workshop on Petascale (Big) Data Analytics, led by two ORNL scientists, Raju Vatsavai and Scott Klasky, Jackie Chen, a user at the OLCF facility and Director of the ExaCT CoDesign Center, presented about using combustion as a surrogate application for a broad range of multiphysics sciences as they go toward exascale. Forrest Hoffman and Chad Steed focused on data validation and visualization. Chad showed off this amazing tool he built for dynamic visual queries and data analytics, Eden. Scaling data-in-motion beyond 100K cores was also the topic of an afternoon tutorial led by ADIOS developers Qing Liu, Norbert Podhorszki and Scott Klasky.

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15 Nov'13

Supercomputing here we come!

It’s that time of year again where excitement is in the air around here as we gear up for the Supercomputing Conference (SC). We are after all, the supercomputing facility hosting Titan, the #1 fastest Open Science available supercomputing resource in the world! The same machine in which 4 out of 6 Gordon Bell finalists this year ran. As you can probably imagine, SC13 is kind of a big deal around here and we can’t wait to show you all that great stuff we’ve done in the past year.

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