Project Description

Scientific user facilities require an effective and efficient process to discover, verify, and curate publications resulting from user programs. No single data source or collection method, if implemented in isolation, is sufficient to the task, and an integrated approach is required. Tools and procedures developed within ORNL data science research have advanced ability to track and report publication outcomes, and OLCF is collaborating with Chris Stahl, Drahomira Herrmannova, and Robert Patton’s, ORNL’s Computational Data Analytics Research Group ( ) and James Kidder, Navina Nageswararao, and Ramie Wilkerson in ORNL’s Office of Institutional Planing in the development of solutions for publications discovery and curation to document the outcomes of OLCF user programs and R&D activities. Deliverables for this project include a validated OLCF publications database, publications dashboard displaying up-to date key performance indicators, and maintenance of publication repository for operational purposes.