Project Description

[From the ALICE website:] ALICE is the acronym for A Large Ion Collider Experiment, one of the largest experiments in the world devoted to research in the physics of matter at an infinitely small scale. Hosted at CERN, the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research, this project involves an international collaboration of more than 1500 physicists, engineers and technicians, including around 350 graduate students, from 154 physics institutes in 37 countries across the world. The ALICE Experiment is going in search of answers to fundamental questions, using the extraordinary tools provided by the LHC:

What happens to matter when it is heated to 100,000 times the temperature at the centre of the Sun ?
Why do protons and neutrons weigh 100 times more than the quarks they are made of ?
Can the quarks inside the protons and neutrons be freed ?

CADES operates a Tier II ALICE instance.