Fact Sheets

  • OLCF Overview 2015 [ 500KB PDF ]
    The OLCF delivers the world’s most powerful computing resources to leading computational scientists, allowing them to help improve both the world we live in and our understanding of it.
  • Titan Cores Factsheet [ 2.4MB PDF ]
    What exactly does it mean to allocate a core hour on Titan, the world’s most powerful supercomputer for open science?
  • Titan Paving the Way to Exascale [ 418KB PDF ]
    The OLCF continues to lead the way in high-performance computing with Titan, the center’s new hybrid multicore system, which will be capable of 20 petaflops when deployed.
  • Denovo Scientific Application Code Works to Improve Light-Water Reactor[ 811KB PDF ]
    Simulating a virtual reactor gives researchers insight into how to make next-generation nuclear reactors safer, cleaner, and more efficient.
  • Simulations Explore Next-Generation Fuels for Cleaner Combustion[ 918KB PDF ]
    Researchers are using the power of OLCF supercomputers to simulated turbulent combustion, which may help speed the achievement of fuel efficiencies at least 25 percent higher in next-generation engines.
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