2011 INCITE Projects


Three-dimensional Simulations for Core Collapse Supernovae
Anthony Mezzacappa, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 60,000,000 hours

Turbulent Heating of Astrophysical Plasmas
Gregory Howes, University of Iowa
Jaguar: 10,000,000 hours

Petascale Simulations of Type 1a Supernovae from Ignition to Observables
Stan Woosley, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jaguar: 50,000,000 hours

How High Redshift Galaxies Reionized the Universe
Michael Norman, University of California-San Diego
Jaguar: 35,000,000 hours


Sculpting Biological Membranes by Proteins
Klaus Schulten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jaguar: 5,000,000 hours

Cellulosic Ethanol: Simulation of Multicomponent Biomass System
Jeremy Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 30,000,000 hours


Control of Complex Transformations with Advanced Molecular Simulation Methods
Christopher Mundy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Petascale Modeling of Chemical Catalysts and Interfaces
Robert Harrison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 75,000,000 hours

Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics Studies of Vesicle Formation and Fusion
Michael Klein, Temple University
Jaguar: 30,000,000 hours


CHiMES: Coupled High-Resolution Modeling of the Earth System
Venkatramani Balaji, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton University
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Climate-Science Computational Development Team: The Climate End Station II
Warren Washington, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Jaguar: 70,000,000 hours

Computer Science

Performance Evaluation and Analysis Consortium End Station
Patrick Worley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours


Simulation of Turbulent Lean Hydrogen Flames in High Pressure
John Bell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jaguar: 40,000,000 hours

High-Fidelity Simulations for Advanced Engine Combustion Research
Joseph Oefelein, Sandia National Laboratories
Jaguar: 60,000,000 hours

Petascale Simulation of Nano-Electronic Devices
Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University
Jaguar: 15,000,000

Quantum Monte Carlo Brings New Realism to Surface-Science Modeling
Dario Alfe, University College London
Jaguar: 17,000,000 hours

Magnetic Structure and Thermodynamics of Low Dimensional Magnetic Structures
Markus Eisenbach, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 50,000,000 hours

Explosive Hazard Predictions with the Uintah Framework
Martin Berzins, University of Utah
Jaguar: 15,000,000 hours

Singularities and Multi-Scaling in MHD
Annick Pouquet, NCAR
Jaguar: 15,000,000 hours

Understanding the Ultimate Battery Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium/Air
Jack Wells, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 10,000,000 hours


Gyrokinetic Simulation of Energetic Particle Turbulence in ITER Burning Plasmas
Zhihong Lin, University of California, Irvine
Jaguar: 35,000,000 hours

High-Fidelity Tokamak Edge Simulation for Efficient Confinement of Fusion Plasma
C.S. Chang, New York University
Jaguar: 50,000,000 hours

Investigation of Multi-Scale Transport Physics of Fusion Experiments Using Global Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulations
Weixing Wang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Validation of Plasma Microturbulence Simulations for Finite-Beta Fusion Experiments
William Nevins, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours


Ultrascale Simulation of Basin-Scale CO2 Sequestration in Deep Geologic Formations and Radionuclide Migration Using PFLOTRAN
Peter Lichtner, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jaguar: 15,000,000 processor hours


Electronic Structure Calculations for Nanostructures
Lin-Wang Wang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jaguar: 10,000,000 hours

Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of Models of Condensed Matter
Richard Needs, University of Cambridge
Jaguar: 15,000,000 hours


Uncertainty Quantification for Three-Dimensional Reactor Assembly Simulations
Thomas Evans, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 18,000,000 hours

Petascae Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Plasma Based Accelerators
Warren Mori, University of California, Los Angeles
Jaguar: 12,000,000 hours

Unraveling the Physics of Magnetic Reconnection with 3D Kinetic Simulations
William Daughton, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jaguar: 30,000,000 hours

Nuclear structure and nuclear reactions
James Vary, Iowa State University
Jaguar: 43,000,000 hours

Petascale Computing for Terascale Particle Accelerator: International Linear Collider Design and Modeling
Paul Mackenzie, Fermilab
Jaguar: 30,000,000 hours

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