2010 INCITE Projects


Multidimensional Simulations of Core Collapse Supernovae”
Anthony Mezzacappa, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 34,000,000 hours

Turbulent Heating of Astrophysical Plasmas”
Gregory Howes, University of Iowa
Jaguar: 12,000,000 hours

Multidimensional Models of Type Ia Supernovae from Ignition to Observables”
Stan Woosley, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jaguar: 5,000,000 hours

The Via Lactea Project: A Glimpse into the Invisible World of Dark Matter”
Piero Madau, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jaguar: 5,000,000 hours


Sculpting Biological Membranes by Proteins”
Klaus Schulten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jaguar: 25,000,000 hours

Cellulosic Ethanol: Physical Basis of Recalcitrance to Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass”
Jeremy Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 25,000,000 hours

Interplay of AAA+ Molecular Machines, DNA Repair Enzymes and Sliding Clamps at the Replication Fork: A Multiscale Approach in Modeling Replisome Assembly and Function”
Ivaylo Ivanov, University of California, San Diego
Jaguar: 4,000,000 hours

Sequencing DNA Using MspA”
Aleksei Aksimentiev, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jaguar: 10,000,000 hours


Molecular Simulation of Complex Chemical Systems”
Christopher Mundy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jaguar: 10,000,000 hours

An Integrated Approach to the Rational Design of Chemical Catalysts”
Robert Harrison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 75,000,000 hours


Assessing Transient Global Climate Response of the NCAR-CCSM3: Climate Sensitivity and Abrupt Climate Change”
Zhengyu Liu, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Jaguar: 5,000,000 processor hours

Simulation of Global Cloudiness”
David Randall, Colorado State University
Jaguar: 3,000,000 hours

High Resolution Ensemble Simulations of Hurricanes”
Robert Gall, NOAA
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

CHiMES: Coupled High-Resolution Modeling of the Earth System”
Venkatramani Balaji, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton University
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Climate-Science Computational End Station Development and Grand Challenge Team”
Warren Washington, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Jaguar: 70,000,000 hours

Computer Science

HPC Colony: Removing Scalability, Fault, and Performance Barriers in Leadership Class Systems Through Adaptive System Software”
Terry Jones, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 4,000,000 hours

Performance Evaluation and Analysis Consortium End Station”
Patrick Worley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Scalable System Software Research for Extreme-Scale Computing”
Ron Oldfield, Sandia National Laboratories
Jaguar: 5,000,000 hours


Interaction of Turbulence and Chemistry in Lean Premixed Laboratory Flames”
John Bell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jaguar: 8,000,000 hours

High-Fidelity Simulations for Clean and Efficient Combustion of Alternative Fuels”
Jacqueline Chen, Sandia National Laboratories
Jaguar: 65,000,000 hours

Clean and Efficient Coal Gasifier Designs using Large-Scale Simulations”
Madhava Syamlal, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Jaguar: 6,000,000 hours

Petascale Adaptive Computational Fluid Dynamics for Applications with High Anisotropy”
Kenneth Jansen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jaguar: 10,000,000 hours

Petascale Simulation of Nan-Electronic Devices”
Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University
Jaguar: 18,000,000

Next Generation Multi-Scale Quantum Simulation Software for Strongly Correlated Materials”
Mark Jarrell, Louisiana State University
Jaguar: 17,000,000 hours

Understanding the Ultimate Battery Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium/Air”
Jack Wells, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 12,000,000 hours

Computational Surface Science at High Accuracy with Quantum Monte Carlo”
Dario Alfe, London Centre for Nanotechnology
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Magnetic Structure and Thermodynamics of Low Dimensional Magnetic Structures”
Markus Eisenbach, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 21,000,000 hours


Verification and Validation of Petascale Simulation of Turbulent Transport in Fusion Plasmas”
Patrick Diamond, University of California, San Diego
Jaguar: 35,000,000 hours

Gyrokinetic Simulation of Energetic Particle Turbulence in ITER Burning Plasmas”
Zhihong Lin, University of California, Irvine
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

High-Fidelity Tokamak Edge Simulation for Efficient Confinement of Fusion Plasma”
C.S. Chang, New York University
Jaguar: 50,000,000 hours

Investigation of Multi-Scale Transport Physics of Fusion Experiments Using Global Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulaitons”
Weixing Wang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Jaguar: 34,000,000 hours

Validation of Plasma Microturbulence Simulations for Finite-Beta Fusion Experiments”
William Nevins and Greg Hammett, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jaguar: 30,000,000 hours


Ultrascale Simulation of Basin-Scale CO2 Sequestration in Deep Geologic Formations and Radionuclide Migration Using PFLOTRAN”
Peter Lichtner, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jaguar: 18,000,000 processor hours

Deterministic Simulations of Large Regional Earthquakes at Frequencies up to 2Hz (2009)”
Thomas Jordan, University of Southern California
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours


A Petascale Study of Turbulent Mixing in Non-Stratified and Stratifed Flows”
Pui-Kuen Yeung, Georgia Tech
Jaguar: 20,000,000 hours

Predictive and Accurate Monte Carlo Based simulations for Mott insulators, Cuprate Superconductors, and Nanoscale Systems.”
Thomas Schulthess, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 70,000,000 hours

Electronic, Lattice, and Mechanical Properties of Novel Nano-Structured Bulk Materials”
Jihui Yang, GM R&D Center
Jaguar : 14,000,000 hours

Development and Correlations of Large Scale Computational Tools for Transport Airplanes”
Moeljo Hong, The Boeing Company
Jaguar: 6,000,000 hours

Electronic Structure Calculations for Nanostructures”
Lin-Wang Wang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jaguar: 9,000,000 hours


Computational Nuclear Structure”
David Dean, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 25,000,000 processor hours

Petascale Computing for Terascale Particle Accelerator: International Linear Collider Design and Modeling”
Lie-Quan Lee, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Jaguar: 12,000,000 processor hours

Lattice QCD”
Paul Mackenzie, Fermilab
Jaguar: 40,000,000 hours

Advanced Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Modeling”
Paul Fischer, Argonne National Laboratory
Jaguar: 2,000,000 hours

Uncertainty Quantification for Three-Dimensional Reactor Assembly Simulations”
Thomas Evans, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 8,000,000 hours

Petascae Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Plasma Based Accelerators”
Warren Mori, University of California, Los Angeles
Jaguar: 8,000,000 hours

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