2016 ALCC Projects


Characterization of Microbial Carbon Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems Using Big Proteogenomics Data
Chongle Pan, ORNL
9,000,000 hours

Lateral Organization and Inter-leaflet Coupling in Complex Biological Membranes
Xiaolin Cheng, ORNL
20,500,000 hours

Functional Mechanisms and Allostery in Energy-Driven Molecular Machines in Membranes
Harel Weinstein, Cornell
15,500,000 hours

Climate Science

Delivering the Department of Energy’s Next-Generation High-Resolution Earth System Model
Peter Thornton, ORNL
53,000,000 hours


Premixed Staged Combustion for Increased Efficiency in Gas Turbine Engines
Jin Yan, GE
20,000,000 hours

Modeling Partial Fuel Stratification in a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine using General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit- (GPGPU-) Enabled CFD Tool
Ronald Grover, GM
16,000,000 hours

High Performance Computing for Manufacturing
Peter Nugent, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
41,000,000 hours

Evaluating Turbomachinery Aerodynamic Cross-Coupling Coefficients Using CFD
Ravi Srinivasan, Dresser-Rand
12,000,000 hours

Computer Science

Demonstration of the Scalability of Programming Environments By Simulating Multi-Scale Applications
Robert Voigt, Leidos, Inc
40,000,000 hours

Portable Application Development for Next Generation Supercomputer Architectures
Tjerk Straatsma, ORNL
20,000,000 hours

Discovering Optimal Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Network Structures Using Evolutionary Approaches on High Performance Computers
Robert Patton, ORNL
75,000,000 hours

Fusion Energy Science

Extreme Scale Gyrokinetic Particle Simulations to Complete the 2016 OFES National Theory/Simulation Performance Target and to Study the Fundamental Edge Physic
Choong-Seock Chang, PPPL
75,000,000 hours

Modeling Helium-Hydrogen Plasma Mediated Tungsten Surface Response to Predict Fusion Plasma Facing Component Performance in ITER
Brian Wirth, University of Tennessee
25,000,000 hours

Multiscale Gyrokinetic Simulation of Reactor Relevant Tokamak Discharges: Understanding the Implications of Cross-Scale Turbulence Coupling in ITER and Beyond
Christopher Holland, University of California, San Diego
50,000,000 hours


Cosmic Frontier Computational End-Station
Katrin Heitmann, Argonne National Lab
55,000,000 hours

Materials Science

High-Throughput Screening and Machine Learning for Predicting Catalyst Structure and Designing Effective Catalysts
Efthimions Kaxiras, Harvard
17,500,000 hours

Large-Scale Electronic Structure Calculations of Nanosystems
Lin-Wang Wang, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
30,000,000 hours

Nuclear Engineering

CASL CRUD-Induced Power Shift (CIPS) Analysis
Kevin Clarno, ORNL
75,000,000 hours

Nuclear Physics

The Glue That Binds Us All
Robert Edwards, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
90,000,000 hours

Fluctuations of Conserved Charges in High-Temperature QCD: Towards the Continuum
Swagato Mukherjee, Brookhaven National Lab
167,000,000 hours

Nuclear Fission: From More Phenomenology and Adjusted Parameters to More Fundamental Theory and Increased Predictive Power
Aurel Bulgac, University of Washington
40,000,000 hours

The Weak Structure of Light Nuclei
Martin Savage, University of Washington
40,000,000 hours

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