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X11 Forwarding

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Automatic forwarding of the X11 display to a remote computer is possible with the use of SSH and a local X server. To set up automatic X11 forwarding within SSH, you can do (1) of the following:

  • Invoke ssh on the command line with:
    $ ssh -X hostname

    Note that use of the -x option (lowercase) will disable X11 forwarding.

  • Edit (or create) your $HOME/.ssh/config file to include the following line:
    ForwardX11 yes

All X11 data will go through an encrypted channel. The $DISPLAY environment variable set by SSH will point to the remote machine with a port number greater than zero. This is normal, and happens because SSH creates a proxy X server on the remote machine for forwarding the connections over an encrypted channel. The connection to the real X server will be made from the local machine.

Warning: Users should not manually set the $DISPLAY environment variable for X11 forwarding; a non-encrypted channel may be used in this case.