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Understanding HPSS Storage Allocations

Each file and directory archived in HPSS is associated with an HPSS storage account. This associated account is used to determine storage of a user and project.

Storage Account Types

There are (3) types of HPSS storage accounts:

Overhead Account By default, files and directories created in User Archive areas on HPSS (i.e. /home/userid) will be associated with the user’s overhead account. This account is named the same as your user ID.
Project Accounts By default, files and directories created in Project Archive areas on HPSS (i.e. /proj/projid) will be associated with a project account. The project account is named the same as project’s project ID.
Legacy Account Files stored on the system prior to March 15, 2008 are associated with a legacy project. The legacy project is used to record a file’s storage time period. Users are not able to associate new files to the legacy account; however, we do encourage users to associate files currently under the legacy account with the appropriate project account.
Determine Available Accounts

The showproj utility can be used from any NCCS system to determine your available accounts. For example:

  $ showproj -s hpss
  userid is a member of the following project(s) on hpss:
Viewing File/Directory’s Associated Account

The command hsi ls -UH can be used to view file and directory’s associated account. For example:

  :[/home/userid]: ls -UH
  Mode         Links  Owner    Group   COS    Acct     Where   Size         DateTime      Entry
  drwxr-x---   3      userid   1099           userid                  512   Apr 01 2008   Backups
  -rw-r-----   1      userid   1099    6001   legacy   TAPE       4280320   Oct 24 2006   file.tar
  -rw-r-----   1      userid   1099    6007   xxxyyy   DISK    1956472248   Mar 20 2008   a.inp

In the above example:

  • The associated account for directory Backups is userid. By default all files created within the Backups directory will be associated with the userid account.
  • The file file.tar was created prior to March 15, 2008 and is therefore associated with the legacy account.
  • The file a.inp is associated with the xxxyyy project.
Modifying File/Directory’s Associated Account

A new file and directory will inherit the parent directory’s account association. This is the easiest and recommended method for managing data stored against an account. That said, users are able to manually change a file or directory’s associated account through the hsi chacct command.

Note: When moving an existing file, it will not inherit the parent directory’s account association automatically. You must change it manually.

The syntax to manually change a file or directory’s associated account is chacct [-R] newacct directory or file. For example:

  chacct xxxyyy a.out

…will set a.out’s associated account to xxxyyy. Likewise,

  chacct -R xxxyyy dir1

…will set the associated account of dir1 and all files and directories within dir1 to xxxyyy.

We strongly encourage users to associate HPSS files with projects as opposed to their individual user accounts; this helps us understand project needs and usage.

Note: HPSS account identifiers are case sensitive; you should use lower case when referring to the account name.
Viewing Storage

The showusage utility may be used to view current storage associated with a user’s overhead project and other allocated projects for which the user is a member. The utility should be executed from a NCCS system; it may not be executed from within an HSI interactive session. For example:

  $ showusage -s hpss

  HPSS Storage in GB:                              
  Project                      Project Totals Storage    userid Storage              
  userid                    |       8.11               |       8.11
  legacy                    |                          |      25.67

Space on the HPSS is for files that are not immediately needed. Users must not store files unrelated to their NCCS projects on HPSS. They must also periodically review their files and remove unneeded ones. Both Overhead and Project Accounts have a storage quota. For information on quotas, please see the OLCF Storage Policy Summary.