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Website: Lustre User Toolkit

libLUT is the Lustre User’s Toolkit support library. It provides a documented API by which Lustre meta-data may be read and/or written.



liblut is available as a module. See the modules page for more information on modules. The syntax for implementing interfaces provided by libLUT is:

module load liblut
pgcc/gcc test.c -lLUT

man pages are provided for the following interfaces:

lut__close LUT interface to close a file descriptor
lut_getdl retrieves directory’s Lustre meta-data
lut_getfl retrieves file’s Lustre meta-data
lut_getm retrieves Lustre meta-data for files and directories
lut_getsl retrieves filesystem’s OST count
lut__lseek LUT interface to position a file descriptor
lut__open LUT interface to open a file descriptor
lut__pread LUT interface to pread from a file descriptor
lut_print_profile prints LUT timing statistics to stdout
lut_putl sets Lustre meta-data on files and directories
lut_putm sets Lustre meta-data on files and directories
lut__pwrite LUT interface to pwrite to a file descriptor
lut__read LUT interface to read from a file descriptor
lut__stat LUT function to retrieve standard meta-data
lut__write LUT interface to write to a file descriptor


Available Versions

System Application/Version
Titan liblut/1.0.0