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Project-Centric Data Storage

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Projects are provided with several storage areas for the data they need. Project directories provide members of a project with a common place to store code, data files, documentation, and other files related to their project. While this information could be stored in one or more user directories, storing in a project directory provides a common location to gather all files.

The following table summarizes project-centric storage areas available on OLCF resources and lists relevant policies.

Project-Centric Storage Areas
Area Path Type Permissions Quota Backups Purged Retention
Project Home /ccs/proj/[projid] NFS 770 50 GB Yes No 90 days
Member Work $MEMBERWORK/[projid] Lustre® 700 [1] 10 TB No 14 days 14 days
Project Work $PROJWORK/[projid] Lustre® 770 100 TB No 90 days 90 days
World Work $WORLDWORK/[projid] Lustre® 775 10 TB No 90 days 90 days
Project Archive /proj/[projid] HPSS 770 100 TB [2] No No 90 days
Important! Files within “Work” directories (i.e., Member Work, Project Work, World Work) are not backed up and are purged on a regular basis according to the timeframes listed above.

[1] Permissions on Member Work directories can be controlled to an extent by project members. By default, only the project member has any accesses, but accesses can be granted to other project members by setting group permissions accordingly on the Member Work directory. The parent directory of the Member Work directory prevents accesses by “UNIX-others” and cannot be changed (security measures).

[2] In addition, there is a quota/limit of 100,000 files on this directory.