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Project Archive Directories (HPSS)

See this article in context within the following user guides: Data | Eos | Rhea | Titan

Projects are also allocated project-specific archival space on the High Performance Storage System (HPSS). The default quota is shown on the Storage Policy page. If a higher quota is needed, contact the User Assistance Center.

The Project Archive space on HPSS is intended for storage of data not immediately needed in either Project Home (NFS) areas nor Project Work (Lustre®) areas, and to serve as a location to store backup copies of project-related files.

Project Archive Path

The project archive directories are located at /proj/pjt000 (where pjt000 is your Project ID).

Project Archive Access

Project Archive directories may only be accessed via utilities called HSI and HTAR. For more information on using HSI or HTAR, see the HSI and HTAR page.

Project Archive Accounting

Each file and directory on HPSS is associated with an HPSS storage allocation. For information on HPSS storage allocations, please visit the Understanding HPSS Storage Allocations page.