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OLCF System Hostnames

See this article in context within the following user guides: Eos | Rhea | Titan

Each OLCF system has a single, designated hostname for general user-initiated user connections. Sometimes this is a load-balancing mechanism that will send users to other hosts as needed. In any case, the designated OLCF host names for general user connections are as follows:

System Name Hostname RSA Key Fingerprint
Titan titan.ccs.ornl.gov 77:dd:c9:2c:65:2f:c3:89:d6:24:a6:57:26:b5:9b:b7
Rhea rhea.ccs.ornl.gov 9a:72:79:cf:9e:47:33:d1:91:dd:4d:4e:e4:de:25:33
Eos eos.ccs.ornl.gov e3:ae:eb:12:0d:b1:4c:0b:6e:53:40:5c:e7:8a:0d:19
Everest everest.ccs.ornl.gov cc:6e:ef:84:7e:7c:dc:72:71:7b:76:7f:f3:46:57:2b
Sith sith.ccs.ornl.gov 28:63:5e:41:32:39:c2:ec:9b:63:e0:86:16:2f:e4:bd
Data Transfer Nodes dtn.ccs.ornl.gov b3:31:ac:44:83:2b:ce:37:cc:23:f4:be:7a:40:83:85
Home (machine) home.ccs.ornl.gov ba:12:46:8d:23:e7:4d:37:92:39:94:82:91:ea:3d:e9

For example, to connect to Titan from a UNIX-based system, use the following:

$ ssh userid@titan.ccs.ornl.gov