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INCITE Allocation Under-utilization Policy

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Note: This details an official policy of the OLCF, and must be agreed to by the following persons as a condition of access to and use of OLCF computational resources:

  • INCITE Principal Investigators

Title: INCITE Allocation Under-utilization Policy
Version: 12.10

The OLCF has a pull-back policy for under-utilization of INCITE allocations. Under-utilized INCITE project allocations will have core-hours removed from their outstanding core-hour project balance at specific times during the INCITE calendar year. The following table summarizes the current under-utilization policy:

Date Utilization to-Date Forfeited Amount
May 1 < 10% Up to 30% of remaining allocation
< 15% Up to 15% of remaining allocation
September 1 < 10% Up to 75% of remaining allocation
< 33% Up to 50% of remaining allocation
< 50% Up to 33% of remaining allocation

For example, a 1,000,000 core-hour INCITE project that has utilized only 50,000 core-hours (5% of the allocation) on May 1st would forfeit (0.30 * 950,000) = 285,000 core-hours from their remaining allocation.