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GridFTP is a high-performance data transfer protocol based on FTP and optimized for high-bandwidth wide-area networks. The OLCF provides the Globus (https://www.globus.org/) implementation of GridFTP which enables scalable, fast, secure, and robust network data transfer.

The Globus GridFTP suite provides the following interfaces for managing data transfer

  • Globus Online Web-UI
  • Globus Online cli.globusonline.org command line interface
  • globus_url_copy shell command

Installing GridFTP

    Prior to using GridFTP, it must be installed on both the client and server. Installation is independent of the authentication method chosen. GridFTP is currently available on each OLCF system and can be added to your environment using the globus module:
  $ module load globus

If your site does not already have GridFTP available, it can be downloaded from Globus. Download and installation information can be found on the Globus Toolkit Documentation site.


GridFTP may use either SecurID/OAuth or SSH publickeys for authentication to OLCF resources. The GridFTP interface and usage details differ based on which authentication method is employed.

SecurID/OAuth Authentication

Globus transfers can be authenticated using your normal OLCF username and SecurID token. Your ordinary OLCF credentials are used to generate temporary X.509 grid certificates on an OLCF credential management server. These temporary certificates are delegated to Globus and the GridFTP command line tools for use by the underlying GridFTP transfer protocol. Please see GridFTP with Globus Online for details about using your existing OLCF credentials to authenticate GridFTP transfers.

SSH Authentication

Please see the GridFTP with SSH page for examples an instructions about how to use ssh authentication with the globus_url_copy interface.