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Filesystems Available to Compute Nodes on EOS

See this article in context within the following user guides: Eos

The Eos compute nodes can only see the center-wide Lustre filesystems (Atlas) which includes the $MEMBERWORK, $PROJWORK, and $WORLDWORK storage areas. Other storage spaces (User Home, User Archive, Project Home, and Project Archive) are not mounted on compute nodes.

Warning: Only $MEMBERWORK, $PROJWORK, and $WORLDWORK areas are available to compute nodes on Eos.

As a result, job executable binaries and job input files must reside within a Lustre-backed work directory, e.g. $MEMBERWORK/[projid]. Job output must also be sent to a Lustre-backed work directory.

Batch jobs can be submitted from User Home or Project Home, but additional steps are required to ensure the job runs successfully. Jobs submitted from Home areas should cd into a Lustre-backed work directory prior to invoking aprun. An error like the following may be returned if this is not done:

aprun: [NID 94]Exec /lustre/atlas/scratch/userid/projid/a.out failed: chdir /autofs/na1_home/userid
No such file or directory