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Data Transfer with Rhea

See this article in context within the following user guides: Rhea
Data Transfer Methods for Rhea

Rhea mounts the User Home and Spider Atlas shared center-wide filesystems. Data transferred by any means to these filesystems will be available on Rhea. It is strongly recommended that large data transfers use Globus GridFTP, scp or bbcp from a Data Transfer Node to transfer files to Rhea.

Using SCP

The scp utility is useful when transferring small amounts of data. The following examples show how to transfer a file named data.tar to a Rhea-mounted filesystem.

The following scp command was executed from a non-OLCF resource to copy a file to the $MEMBERWORK directory on Atlas:

$ scp /path/to/data.tar [userid]@dtn.ccs.ornl.gov:/lustre/atlas/scratch/[userid]/[projid]/data-on-Atlas.tar

where [userid] and [projid] are replaced with your OLCF username and project. The directories under $PROJWORK and $WORLDWORK can be written to using their fully-expanded paths /lustre/atlas/proj-shared and /lustre/atlas/world-shared respectively.

More information on the scp utility can be found at the SFTP/SCP page.

Using CP

For User Home areas, Rhea mounts the same $HOME directories that the other OLCF systems mount, which means that the files you see in /ccs/home/$USER on Titan or the Data Transfer Nodes are also present on Rhea at the same location.

For your work directories, a change is needed to run on Rhea. Let’s assume that your workflow for running your application involves copying files from your User Home area (i.e. /ccs/home/$USER) to your Atlas Work area (i.e. $MEMBERWORK). To do this on Rhea, you would need to copy those files to, for instance, your Member Work area at $MEMBERWORK/[projid]/subpath, where [projid] is the identifier for one of the projects associated with your OLCF account.

Parallel File Transfer

Large data transfers will achieve the best performance under a parallel file copy utility such as Globus GridFTP or bbcp.

Using HSI

The HPSS archival filesystem can be used to get and put files on Atlas. This is only an efficient option if the file you want to transfer is already on the HPSS. To move the file Inital_conditions.tar from HPSS to Rhea, assuming that the current working directory is your Member Work area:

$ hsi get Initial_conditions.tar

More information on using hsi can be found on the HSI page.