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Compiling On Titan

See this article in context within the following user guides: Titan
For GPU specific compilation details please see the Accelerated Computing Guide.

Compiling code on Titan (and other Cray machines) is different than compiling code for commodity or beowulf-style HPC linux clusters. Among the most prominent differences:

  • Cray provides a sophisticated set of compiler wrappers to ensure that the compile environment is setup correctly. Their use is highly encourged.
  • In general, linking/using shared object libraries on compute partitions is not supported.
  • Cray systems include many different types of nodes, so some compiles are, in fact, cross-compiles.
Available Compilers

The following compilers are available on Titan:

  • PGI, the Portland Group Compiler Suite (default)
  • GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection
  • CCE, the Cray Compiling Environment
  • Intel, Intel Composer XE