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Accessing OLCF Systems

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This section covers the basic procedures for accessing OLCF computational resources.

To avoid risks associated with using plain-text communication, the only supported remote client on OLCF systems is a secure shell (SSH) client, which encrypts the entire session between OLCF systems and the client system.

Note: To access OLCF systems, your SSH client must support SSH protocol version 2 (this is common) and allow keyboard-interactive authentication.

For UNIX-based SSH clients, the following line should be in either the default ssh_config file or your $HOME/.ssh/config file:

PreferredAuthentications keyboard-interactive,password

The line may also contain other authentication methods, but keyboard-interactive must be included.

SSH clients are also available for Windows-based systems, such as SecureCRT published by Van Dyke Software. For recent SecureCRT versions, the preferred authentications change above can be made through the “connection properties” menu.