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Access to Eos

See this article in context within the following user guides: Eos

All 2014 INCITE, ALCC, and NOAA project are given access to Eos. All 2013 INCITE projects were given access to Eos in October, 2013 and should have access through the end of the project allocation.

Members of Director’s Discretionary accounts can request access to Eos by sending an email titled “Access to EOS” to help@olcf.ornl.gov.  Please list your project identifier and the name of the project PI. State why you need Eos and give a detailed account of the size and purpose of the jobs that you plan to run.

Suitable uses of Eos include tools and application porting, software verification and optimization, software generation, and small-scale jobs that perform functions such as verifying input files, geometries, and physics parameterizations for the purpose of preparation of capability jobs on Titan. Please see the Eos Scheduling Policy for queues and queue limits.