Project Description

business is to better quantify natural catastrophes. Only in the last 5
years has it been possible to use graphics cards at scale to produce large
scale flood maps. Our innovation of worldwide correlated flood events has
been demonstrated in invited talks at the Reinsurance of America Association
conference in Feb. 2013 as well as in an invited talk at the EGU conference
in April of 2013. We would like to establish as mixed business model where
our data will be freely available to individuals globally (through looking
up whether or not their houses are in a flood zone) as well as a commercial
enterprise that sells portfolio information to the insurance industry. The
following are the innovations we have done:

1) Establish together with
Oxford University the impact of climate change on single flood events:
Anthropogenic greenhouse gas contribution to flood risk in England and Wales
in autumn 2000 in Nature, n° 7334, vol. 470 (2011). Pardeep Pall; Tolu Aina;
Daithi A. Stone; Peter A. Stott; Toru Nozawa; Arno G. J. Hilberts; Dag
Lohmann; Myles R. Allen

2) Filed a patent on the creation of global
catastrophe models coupled to large ensembles of stochastic sea surface
temperature simulations

Allocation History

Source Hours Start Date End Date
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM5,000,0002014-01-012014-04-21
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM5,000,0002014-01-012014-04-21