Project Description

First, GE is continuing to evaluate future HPC / supercomputer purchases in regards to GPUs. Maintaining a verified GPU port and being able to test GPU timing / scaling provides needed technical data and options to make informed decisions.Second, GE’s internal compute capability cannot compete with the resources available at the US National Laboratories and GE resources must by necessity be dedicated to high TRL production design. Accesses to the resources at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory provide the opportunity to investigate computationally expensive computations of low TRL concepts. Given that Titan consists of CPUs and GPUs, TACOMA will need to maintain computational readiness on GPU to enable GE to compete for grants, e.g. INCITE, for supercomputer time.Third, the programming model used to run scientific codes on the GPU continue to evolve and continued access to Titan and ORNL technical experts will enable GE to stay current on GPU programming technology.

Allocation History

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