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There is a significant focus in product development to enable virtual testing using simulation software. Both of our products are widely used for simulation of engineering problems in many industries: Aerospace &Defense (Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, US Army, US Navy): Aerostructures, Aeroengines, Defense Systems, Space Systems Automative &Transportation (BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota): Tires, Crashworthiness, Brake Systems, Powertrain Consumer Packaged Goods (Bose, Johson&Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, P&G, Tetra Pak): Plastic and Glass Forming, Container Drop, Bottle Sealing, Adhesives Energy (Exxon-Mobil, Siemens): Wave Loading on Rigs, Blast loading High Tech (Apple, Canon, Fujistu, Intel, Nokia, Samsung): Thermal Cycling of Solder, Drop Testing, Semiconductors, Circuit Boards, Hand-held Devices Life Sciences (Boston Scientific, Medtronic): Tissue Modeling, Surgical Equipment, Stents, Drug Delivery, Orthopedics Our customers use Abaqus products for realistic simulation to make better products. Therefore, accurate results and reduced turnaround times are key measures for our customers to enable more simulation in place of actual testing. With advances in high performance computing (HPC), improvements in software become major focus areas for software development companies. Both products have targeted HPC as a major focus area for many years and many improvements have been delivered in recent years. Titan platform will be used to measure the performance of both products with GPU deliverables. Our customers have access to large computing systems. As a result, delivering high performance software solutions to our customers is very important. Testing and assessing our products on Titan will be greatly beneficial for our customers. In this study, we’ll use non-proprietary models. We work very closely with our customers and try to help them with their large scale computer setups. We believe this study will improve PCS of our products and also guide our customers.

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