Project Description

The investigation of wind turbine wakes has attracted considerable attention in the wind industry and academic research due to the complexity of the physical problem and the economic impact of energy production losses and increased loads occurring in wind parks due to wakes. The existing modeling capabilities are still of limited accuracy are and there is a stringent need for efficient high fidelity simulation techniques. An improved understanding of the physics of interactions between wind turbines in combination with efficient simulation techniques will provide benefits in various areas in the development of wind turbine technologies and the deployment of wind turbines in wind parks: – Advanced rotor designs tolerant to waked inflow and rotors with reduced wake signature – Optimized siting of turbines minimizing wake losses – Advanced park level control strategies for wake loss minimization and loads management – Tighter design margins due to more accurate loads predictions The benefit of these technologies amounts to a 2-5% increase in annual energy capture of a typical wind park.

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