Project Description

The continuous reduction of the fuel consumption of our vehicles is one of the key goals of the Ford Motor Company product development team. Delivering a more energy efficient vehicle while maintaining design leadership, high package efficiency and fulfilling future safety standards is very complex task requiring a new engineering approach.

A leadership class HPC resource such as Jaguar provides a unique opportunity to run, for the first time, a complete engine bay package optimization study using a 3D CFD method coupled to an optimization software package and with that to develop a methodology to further improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles in the future.

Additionally, this research project is intended as a proof of concept and its successful completion will serve as the basis for an acquisition of an in-house large scale resource for similar CAE projects in the future.

Allocation History

Source Hours Start Date End Date
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM1,000,0002011-07-262011-12-31