Project Description

EPA recently released their Greenhouse Gas Phase II regulations which allow for certification of aerodynamic improvements through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Previously aerodynamic improvements were mostly verified through either track testing or wind tunnel tests. With the new allowances, SmartTruck is positioning itself to verify all current and future product through CFD testing which is requiring a large commitment in computer resources on the front end of this development to match all the requirements. In order to meet the regulations, the CFD solutions must be run as a time-accurate full body simulation at 4.5 degrees of yaw. This is requiring the investigation into various unsteady settings, working with NASA to modify the code for proper flow through the radiator and lots of CFD to real world comparisons. An investigative unsteady run to check settings currently can take 90,000+ core hours depending on the settings. As a previous user of the industry partnership program, SmartTruck is seeking the use of Oakridge again in an effort to verify the proper settings while matching real worlds tests that are happening currently.

Allocation History

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