Project Description

Currently all PFI and GDI nozzles plates consist of simple off-axis round holes fabricated by laser, electron discharge machining (EDM), punching, metal injection molding (MIM) with post-machining, or a combination of the aforementioned methods. Most of the literature for simulating PFI and GDI nozzle designs is therefore based on round off-axis holes. We are trying to simulate the internal flow and spray generated by more complex shaped nozzles. These optimized nozzle designs have demonstrated improved fuel economy and reduced emissions; thus enabling automotive manufacturers to be one step closer to meeting the CAFÉ standards in 2025.This Director’s Discretion award would allow us to determine the resources needed to conduct these high fidelity simulations. As previously mentioned, 3M is looking to invest more heavily in simulation, and the results of this study would provide justification for submitting a subsequent proposal to determine the effects of nozzle geometry on the spray and business justification for upgrading our HPC cluster.3M is committed to growing its business in the automotive industry. This is a new area of research for 3M, and if this technology/product is brought to market it could potentially provide 3M with significant new business.

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