Teresa started her first job in 1978 as an Administrative Assistant to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Teresa began her 41-year career in 1979 at the K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Plant computing center. She worked with the IBM 360-195 and the IBM 360-155 mainframe computers and processed all business applications for the DOE facilities including Y-12; X-10; K-25; Paducah, Kentucky; and Portsmouth, Ohio. In 1995, Teresa transitioned to the ORNL Data Center, working with several supercomputers including the Intel Paragon XP/S-35 and the Intel Paragon XP/S-150MP, the Kendall Square Research (KSR-1) supercomputers, both of which were Serial Number 1. Teresa also worked with the first terabyte system, the IBM RISC 6000, and the follow-on terabyte system, the IBM Regatta 7040 system, followed by the first CRAY X1-Phoenix, the first X1E in a DOE Laboratory. The next series of computers Teresa worked with were Number 1 in the top 500 list of computers including the Cray Jaguar system, the Cray Titan, and the IBM Summit system.

Teresa is a fourth-degree blackbelt Taekwondo karate instructor and has enjoyed teaching classes of all ages and participating in regional and international karate tournaments for 18 years. Teresa taught intermediate Sunday school classes and loves inspiring young people, singing, tending to her farm, and enjoys all outdoor activities including four-wheeling, fishing, swimming, remodeling, and landscaping.

Teresa is located in Building 5600, Room E102-B, and can be reached at +1-865-574-5310 or