Stefan works in the new Core Analytics and Monitoring team of the High-Performance Core Computing Operations group. The purpose of the team is to develop and support a robust data environment that provides system administration staff and other data owners with the tools and knowledge to successfully extract and utilize necessary data from systems to make data-driven decisions.

Prior to joining the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stefan worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) as both an undergraduate and a post-baccalaureate intern with LANL’s HPC-ENV Monitoring Team helping to further LANL’s current and future HPC monitoring capabilities. Stefan helped replace their 24/7 monitoring and assisted in the design and development of the HPC Continuous Security Monitoring application.

Before his time at LANL, Stefan was an undergraduate researcher at New Mexico State University, where he developed a phasor measurement unit (PMU) monitoring tool for the iCREDITS smart grid technologies research program. This tool helps visualize PMU power metrics and uses a disturbance identification algorithm to identify disturbance event types and zones of occurrence to increase grid reliability and protection from cascaded failures.


New Mexico State University
Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)