Ryan is the Group Leader for the Software Services Development Group in NCCS. In this role he manages a group of software engineers to design, build, and deploy operational software, in support of the HPC ecosystem at ORNL.

Ryan is also the Software Deployment Lead for the Exascale Computing Project’s Continuous Integration (ECP CI) and Software Integration (SI) efforts. The ECP CI project develops and facilitates CI infrastructure, for scientific software testing and integration, on HPC resources. The ECP SI project works with external HPC application developers to integrate and test their software on facility systems.

In general, Ryan has a high interest in furthering the HPC ecosystem through robust and distributed software systems.

R&D Activities Contributions

CADES – Compute and Data Environment for Science - CADES is an ORNL facility to support R&D staff’s scalable computing and data analytics needs—making a research computing toolkit available to every research scientist. CADES…

ALICE: A Large Ion Collider Experiment @ CERN - [From the ALICE website:] ALICE is the acronym for A Large Ion Collider Experiment, one of the largest experiments in the world devoted to…

DataFed – A Federated Scientific Data Management System - DataFed is a federated, big-data storage, collaboration, and full-life-cycle management system for computational science and/or data analytics within distributed high-performance computing (HPC) and/or cloud-computing environments.…


2020 — UT-Battelle Awards Night - "Continuous Improvement"

2018 — NNSA DOE-VA Partnership Support for HPC


Venkat R. Dasari, Ronald J. Sadlier, Ryan Prout, Brian P. Williams, Travis S. Humble(2016). “ Programmable Multi-Node Quantum Network Design and Simulation”.