Mark is a member of the Scientific Computing Group. As a member of the group, Mark is involved with a number of project. As a Liason for INCITE projects he has supported multiple projects including developing new in-situ data analysis capabilities, accelerating workflows, software development, unit testing, and IO. He is involved with acceptance of the new supercomputer Summit, and is involved with two ECP projects: ExaAM and ALExa.


Colorado State University
Electrical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Colorado State University
Electrical Engineering
Master of Science (M.S.)
Colorado State University
Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


2010 — Finalist for the Lawrence Fellowship

2010 — Wigner Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2006 — DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow


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2016 - Ryan T Armstrong, James E McClure, Mark A Berrill, Maja Rücker, Steffen Schlüter, Steffen Berg, “Beyond Darcy's law: The role of phase topology and ganglion dynamics for two-fluid flow”, Physical Review E, 043113, 2016.

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2016 - James McClure, Mark A. Berrill, W G Gray, Cass Miller, “Influence of Phase Connectivity on the Relationship Among Capillary Pressure”, Fluid Saturation, Interfacial Area, and Euler Characteristic in Two-Fluid-Phase Porous Medium Systems, Physical Review E, 033102, 2016.