Jack Breazeale
Control Room Operator
High-Performance Computing and
Data Operations

Jack began his career in a support group for Operations
at ORNL in July 1989 and moved into the Operations
group in 1994. In the operator position, he has
supported both the Information Technology Services
Division and the National Center for Computational
Sciences. He has seen the growth of supercomputing
at ORNL from the INTEL 5 and 35 supercomputers to
Summit and preparations for the Frontier system. Along the way he has seen many upgrades to
ORNL computing facilities including the move from the old computer center in Building 4500N to
the present facilities in Buildings 5600 and 5600X.
Outside of work, Jack enjoys many outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and working on a
small cattle farm.
Jack is located in building 5600, room E102-B, and can be reached at 574-5310 or


Roane State Community College
Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)